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I'm a creative professional with over a decade of experience wrangling moody designer types. I help creative teams remain focused on the end goal: positively impacting key business metrics. Making things "look pretty" is table stakes. My teams also improve sales, customer experience scores, and user engagement through standards-compliant, mobile-responsive design.






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"During my tenure on his team, Ben provided art and creative direction while also assisting in the design and implementation of our projects. He is proactive and always thinking several steps ahead. As a manager, he empowers his teams, and they flourish as a result."

- Brad Chunn
- Graphic Designer, AT&T

"Ben has an extremely strong intellect — he’s sharp! He’s been doing recruitment marketing and his team’s projects are extremely polished. His marketing work and abilities have changed the way AT&T recruits. His team has also won some Internet Advertising awards, and they’ve really improved conversion metrics."

- Rick Robinson
- Executive Director, AT&T

"Ben led digital user experience on the marketing side of my team and grew conversions by 400% in some areas. He’s extremely smart and pretty much eats/sleeps/drinks digital user experience design. He’s a strong leader and has been able to get results from his team in a short period of time."

- Jenn Terry
- Director, AT&T

What is Mammoth Bridge? I've been in the web design business a long time — I built my first HTML site in 1996. Mammoth Bridge is the name of a venture I started with a friend many years ago. We did some great work together but have since split to pursue other endeavors. I simply love the name so much I can't let it go.